Monday, December 25, 2006

'Tis the Season!

As some of you know we have moved! We are now living in a luxurious 900 square foot, 2 bedroom, apartment! This was not really the downsizing I had in mind when Pete and I discussed it...but it is not permanent (I hope!!) We are building, uhhhh, we are waiting on permits to build, but we DO have a blueprint, and our house looks wonderful on paper. But the jump from 2900 sf to 900 sf is a bit of a shock. Luke has only 2 places to hide: under the bed, of course, and of all things, in the bathroom cabinet. We lost him for about 45 minutes before we thought to look under that cabinet (he must have been using his Jedi mind control).

Needless to say, we were very happy to escape to my folks house for Christmas day. We normally go by Theresa and Dan's for breakfast and then on to whatever Christmas activities we have on our list but this year I have a terrible cold and Nate has pneumonia and we didn't want to infect each other. (conversation with Nate: I'm sorry I can't come and see you on Christmas but I have a terrible cold and don't want to share it with you...That's ok Mema, I have pneumonia and I don't want to share it with YOU. I love you Nate. I love you too Mema! *wiping away tears* grandkids are soooo special!) So we took gifts to their house and left them on the front porch and rang the doorbell (Pete did that part) and ran back to the car! (Reminds me of high school....but don't tell my kids.) We also hit Daniel and Victoria's and Dave and Kristi's...Kaleb and Hannah caught us as did Jake, who invited us in for breakfast!) We didn't stay (because of my cold...see above explanation) but headed to Ft. Gibson for Christmas there.

When we got there I had to make my salads that I promised to bring for dinner. I couldn't put them together at the apartment because the kitchen is the size of the rumble seat in an old Volkswagen (see above explanation). Anyway, my dad came through the kitchen at my folks house and said he was going to take a shower...fine...didn't think much of it. Awhile later he came back through all squeaky clean and stopped where I was finishing the salad. "Have a good shower?" "Yep, except I thought my feet were really sticky for awhile." "Why? That's strange." "Yeah, but then I realized I had put the bath mat in upside down and was standing on the suction cup side. Didn't have to worry about falling down that way." Yes, Christmas is always strange at my parents house.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! and if you try the bath mat thing like my dad, let me know how it works out!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Blender Braining at Christmas

I love this time of year! The reminder of God coming to earth as one of us, the gifts we give to others reminding us again of His gift, the traffic, the snow, the cold, and last but not least, us moving out of our house of 10 1/2 years to a small 2 bedroom apartment until we build a new house. Ok, so some of the things are not to love. (That would be the traffic, snow, cold and moving for those who need explaination.) Thank goodness the excitement of building is off setting (most of the time) the sadness of leaving a house with all the memories of my kids becoming adults and grandkids entering our lives. God is so good to give us these times of reflecting and anticipation! So before I forget (told you that the blender brain is online!) I would like to wish Merry Christmas to all, and bless you with the words from a Dennis Jernigan song:

Merry Christmas, I wish you
May joy, like snow, fall daily new
May each day find hope and truth
And memories sweet
Merry Christmas, peace on earth
May Christ reveal your depth of worth
You are why He came to earth
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas
From my heart
From my heart to you

Merry Christmas, bless you friend
May every wound find grace to mend
Daily strength renewed again
By God's own hand
Merry Christmas, may you see
The way God sees you and receive
His love and life abundantly
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas
From my heart
From my heart to you

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Ok...this blogging thing is kinda new to me so my daughter is giving me advice on what to blog...I tend toward deep, life experience things (except my House addiction) and she said to blog lighter, real live experiences it goes. We have a cat, actually it is my son-in-law, Dan's cat (he reminds me often) that he gave to me when their other cats decided to not play nice with him. His name is Luke Skywalker, Luke for short, and yes he has a "sissstteerrr" named Leah. He does not play well with...well...just about anyone under the age of 20. He is scared of his own shadow and thinks the leaves blowing in the yard are deadly beings trying to destroy him. But to my husband Pete and me, he is loving and affectionate (until the doorbell rings and he runs to hide in the nearest dark corner preferably under the heaviest furniture). He thinks he is brave and quite intimidating when it is just the three of us around and will tackle crickets, flies or any other intruder of that sort with a vengeance (light sabre not included).
The other day I heard him coming down the stairs and meowing quite strangely. When I looked up at him he had a bottle cap in his mouth, meowing around it. He immediately dropped it and batted it towards me. I picked it up and there were words written inside the cap...."You are deeply attached to your family and home." He then proceeded to purr and rub against my ankles. Sorry, Dan, I think Luke has taken up permanent residence with us. At least that's what the bottle cap said.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I Am a House Addict

No I don't sell real estate nor am I a is worse! I get the twitches when my favorite TV show is preempted...I am a House addict. I even have the first season on DVD! If you too are a House addict (or just enjoy the show like normal) have fun with the links...If you don't know what I am talking about...I apologize.