Saturday, September 06, 2008

History Repeats Itself

Peter has been researching genealogy on both sides of the family. He came across a picture in some family photos on his fathers side that are making us scratch our heads in amazement! Double click to make photo larger.

How's the Weather at Your Place?

My daughter, Theresa, really outdid herself on hurricane Gustav with links to live updates and words greater than 3 syllables long...really a meteorology geek! (and I'm proud of her!) But the talent does run in the family...

Growing up, my grandpa gave me a weather stick that helped him predict the weather. Let me explain how it works: Take the stick outside. If the stick is in the sunlight, then the weather is sunny. If the stick is hot, then the temperature is hot. If the stick is wet and there are clouds, then it is raining.

There are many people here in Oklahoma that predict the weather as their profession that have really high tech gadgets available to them to help 'enhance' their predictions. But this is a TRUE quote from one of our meteorologists, George Flickinger, on how he predicts rain in our area..."Do you know how I tell if it is raining in Claremore? There is rain on the camera there!"

So there you have it folks! My grandpa, who only had an 8th grade 'learnin', used practically the same technique our current meteorologists use...and he didn't spend a dime on the technology!