Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Silence May Be Golden

I have laryngitis. And I sound funny. How do I know?

On the phone: "Hi, this is Tammy..." hysterical laughter from the other end. I waited patiently and told them I was canceling my appointment. Person: "Thank you!" more laughter.

Called Theresa: "Hi, this is Mom..." hysterical laughter from the other end. Theresa: "Mom, you don't even have the pretty kind of laryngitis...you sound like a long time smoker!"

Kristi called me: "Hello?" "Uhh, who is this?" "It's Mom." "Are you sure?"

Daniel called me: "Hello, and don't you dare laugh!" long pause.... Daniel: "Uhhh, I didn't know I could call 1-900 numbers on my phone!" then hysterical laughter.

Called the church office: "Hi this is Tammy...." other end sounded very concerned: "Are you okay?!?""Yes, just laryngitis." laughter, of course...."You could be the prettiest bass at singing practice!"

Nate and Jeremy come to my door and I let them in: "Hi, Mema!" "Hi, Nate. Hi, Jeremy." Shocked looks....Nate: "Mema, what happened to your voice?!" Jeremy: "I know! I know! My teacher did this and she had a lost voice and she sounded just like you! It's ok, though, she found it later."

Sure hope I find mine soon...in the mean time, silence may be the better voice for me.