Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random Test

Bragging time: These are my grandkids. I actually was able to get a picture of them all on the couch without any of them getting hurt! They are: #1 - Zach, #2 - Ethan, #3 - Hannah, #4 -Nate, #5- Kaleb, #6- Jeremy, and #7- Jacob. See how good you are at matching...

Who said:
A. "Ouchie's have blood in them and Mommy has to clean them and put a bandaide on them. BooBoo's hurt and you have to show them to Mommy and she looks at them to make sure they are ok."
B. "Mema, your Christmas wreath looks more fake than your fake tree does."
C. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma!"
D. "I'm too cute to wear pajama's!"
E. "Mema, my anatomy book shows how a baby grows...but it doesn't say how it gets out of its mommy. Would you read me that part?"
F. "Mema, I can play with your gameboy. Don't say no, because I know how to play it!"
G. At breakfast: "Mema, I'm hungry. Let's go eat at Mexico Viejo. I want a taco!"

Answer key: A - #6; B - #4; C - #1; D - #3; E - #5; F - #7; G - #2

A. Makes refried beans come out their nose on purpose.
B. Can recite a short story in 30 minutes.
C. Can recite the same short story in 30 seconds.
D. Requires 6 nurses to hold them down for tests.
E. Knows all the names of every villian in the Spiderman movies.
F. Can climb onto their windowsill and wave at the neighbors while taking a nap.
G. Eats off the floor.

Answer key: A - #2; B - #6; C - #4; D - #3; E - #5; F - #7; G - #1